Thursday, December 6, 2012

Protecting Whistleblowers at the UN | FAIR

Protecting Whistleblowers at the UN | FAIR: "The United Nations promotes the rule of law around the world, especially in its peacekeeping missions.

But while the UN advocates for frameworks through which people, institutions, and nations are held accountable under laws that meet human rights standards, a new study has found that it needs to do more to uphold the rule of law effectively within the organization itself.

A new report by the Government Accountability Project (GAP), a leading whistleblower protection organization, analyzed the impact of the UN internal justice system on accountability practices in the UN’s peacekeeping missions. The study identified fundamental shortcomings in the UN’s accountability mechanisms, based on a review of two years of judgments from the organization’s internal justice system and interviews with key UN personnel, attorneys, and whistleblowers from eight different peacekeeping missions."?

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