Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Oconnellpadd13's Blog | Just another weblog | Page 3: " “Shortly afterwards the judiciary was convulsed by the Sheedy affair, which led to the resignation of a Supreme Court and a Circuit Court judge, and it appeared a system for regulating judicial conduct was imminent. Over a decade later nothing has been done, despite a further report from a committee chaired by then chief justice Ronan Keane and including Mrs Justice Denham. It recommended the setting up of a judicial council on a statutory basis, providing for the representation, education and training of judges as well as a disciplinary mechanism. This has still to be legislated for, though the last government published the heads of a Judicial Council Bill last year and it features in the programme for government.?GARDA COMPLAINTS BOARD CHAIRMAN SUSAN DENEHAM,FRANK SMYTH,CHIEF SUPT.JAMES P O SULLIVAN,ABUSE OF AUTHORITY AGAINST PROFOUNDLY DEAF PERSONS,STRIP SEARCHING.DECISION? “"

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